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6 Signs Involving Your Gut Function Leading To Possible Autoimmune Disease

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One may ask…..”why are there so many autoimmune diseases seen today?”Pretty business woman daydreaming

In our world today, there are quite a few environmental toxins and or chemical that constantly attack and hit at us daily.   Also, there are many of us with a deficit in basic nutrients that our body is needing.  We are lacking in many of the minerals, vitamins, amino acids, water, and fiber that  our body is needing to maintain good health.

There is a current article – Why An Apple Today Is Not Good, explaining some of the reasons  health care providers are findings nutritional deficits.

“Modern farming methods are blamed for the decline in minerals such as copper, iron, magnesium and potassium in fruit and vegetables. Crops are being grown in soil stripped of its goodness”. “Vitamin loss could be exacerbated by fruits being picked before they are ripe”. Dr Thomas said: “We found that since 1940, the minerals and other nutrients that help to make fruit and vegetables good for you have been in startling decline. Eating fruit and vegetables is still beneficial for health, but continuing falls in nutrients could lead to deficiencies in some consumers”.

– Read more about this from this article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-207652/Why-apple-today-good.html

Another major concern as an autoimmune risk factor is the changes we are seeing in our microbiome – our invisable organ’ .  Our gut is very involved in a ‘cross talk’ with the brain and our immune system.  A disruption of our gut microbiome is the beginnings of most all autoimmune diseases.  Anything that we eat will affect or gut whether it is positive or negative.

There are 6 different changes that takes place in the gut when we have a negative outcome

1. Gut lining gets disturbed

2. Gut begins to absorb nutrients improperly

3. Gut becomes inflamed

4. Leaky gut – which affects your memory, causes joint pain, causes skin rashes

5. Begin to develop a food sensitivity

6. Autoimmune disease

Come in and lets talk!

We will help you find out the best option to get your health turned around to avoid autoimmune disease.  We will  be able to help identify your health baseline including your gut health.  We will discuss diet, lifestyle changes along with doing  a bioscan to assess where you stand in the 6 different gut changes.

We will be able to help you avoid getting an autoimmune disease!!  If you already have an autoimmune disease, we will help repair the gut damage, bring down the inflammation and teach you how to “tame the lion”, keeping your symptoms and inflammation down to a minimum, allowing you to live a pretty productive and normal life.  Don’t let Autoimmune disease in your life!!  Take control NOW!!

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