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Multiple Sclerosis

Warning Signs of Multiple Sclerosis – Salt Lake City, UT

Warning Signs of Multiple Sclerosis – Salt Lake City, UT

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Hi everyone, Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that attacks your Central Nervous System, which is your spine, brain, and nerves… Many people suffering from this disease have noticed blindness and paralysis.  It’s important to treat MS early on, however, no matter which stage it’s in, I’m sure I can help you. I want to take a minute to share some of the warning signs and symptoms of multiple sclerosis that you can look out for that might show you if you have this autoimmune disease. • Tingling in your limbs • Numbness in your limbs • Weakness in your limbs • Frequent loss of balance • Blurred/Doubled vision This chronic illness should not be taken lightly! If you think you or someone you know is having these symptoms, get checked out right away! I was browsing YouTube for MS and I found this video that some people can find very helpful.  It explains how MS works and how/what it does. — — I have been treating patients in Utah with this disease for a while and I can definitely help you!  Call me and lets discuss your options for multiple sclerosis today! – 801-634-2651 Checkout our Multiple Sclerosis Blog for more information as well! Carol Stowell Family Nurse Practitioner Salt Lake City, Utah 801-634-2651 I am available at American Wellness or call me to set up an appointment. American Wellness and Rehab Clinic 677 West 5300 South Murray, Utah 84123 tel: (801) 327-8700...

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