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Understanding Infertility Using a Functional Medicine Approach
Carol Stowell

Understanding Infertility Using a Functional Medicine Approach

By on Mar 26, 2017 in Fertility | 0 comments

Functional medicine is getting to the root of the cause of disease or a health imbalance.  Instead of chasing around a symptom, feeling miserable, not feeling any better; choosing to use a function medicine model helps to get right to the cause allowing you to fix the problem.  This includes infertility. If one could understand some of the different causes of infertility and how to apply the functional medical model approach, this would make an incredible difference for the chance of conception.   In the case of poly cystic ovarian syndrome, there are several disruptions that may be involved with the inability to conceive.  Did you know that your choice of eating a sandwich instead of a lettuce wrap could make a tremendous difference in your having a baby?  Or, taking that serving of lasagna instead of a salmon steak with broccoli?  For some of you suffering with poly cystic ovarian syndrome, that one decision in diet will determine if you are going to release an egg for that particular month. Just understanding a little more about food choices and the insulin testosterone balance may be life changing for you. For some of you who are facing quite a bit of daily stress, this extra release of cortisol is throwing your hormone balance so far off the chance of conception is slim to none.  If you do happen to conceive, the job of maintaining that precious window of implantation and the beginning stages of growth of the pregnancy is quite challenging, ending up in 1st trimester failure. To the newly married couples wanting to start out with their families, I caution you to understand how important the health of both mother and father is.  How is your overall health and wellness?  Is it in a condition to promise a good pregnancy outcome and a healthy baby?  What are you allowing to be part of your life – such as your diet, your exercise, your sleep, your stress, and your thoughts believe it or not, will affect your baby or your chances of conception. Infertility is on the rise…..both in men and women.  It is a big bad world out there, be wise in your endeavors and your life choices....

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