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It’s that time again…….new diet, new body, new you!

It’s that time again…….new diet, new body, new you!

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Hi everyone!

January 2016 has begun!  With each year that comes, many of us set new resolutions including beginning a new diet and exercise plan.  While these are wonderful goals, I’d like to introduce another goal that I hope you will consider….that of detoxification of your body!

We are all exposed to every day toxins – ie…. chemicals, plastics, cosmetics, cleaning products, and many more.  These harmful agents really take a toll on our health and overall sense of well being.

At American Wellness & Rehab clinic, we have several detox programs to chose from.  Whether you want a quick 3 day detox to a lengthy 28 day detox, we have top of the line, nutraceutical grade detox kits available.  Detoxification programs put much of the focus on purifying the blood stream and lymphatic system.

The liver and kidney are two of your organs that will for ever be grateful for this extra detox help as they work super hard to protect all areas of the body from these impurities and harmful agents.  Choosing the month of January for your yearly detox program is a wonder time, as most of us can feel and sense the need for a boost and super charge.  A detox this time of the year will help to boost your immune power, give you increased vitality and energy.

Your sleep pattern and quality will also improve.  Of course, when you improve in all of these areas, you are going to notice an improvement in your overall mood as well.   Do not put it off any longer….super charge your body and jump start into a wonder new year – Detox now!

Special detox kits can be reviewed and ordered at http://www.metagenics.com/americanwellness